Dystopian x nofigore: PΞB x VFIB x URANES x YZYXATMUTZ x TANGLE

Mayhem, Copenhagen

Some of the most insane brutality in the Shape of Sound visit us from Berlin for a night u can not miss!¡ POSTER: https://nofigore.com/img/events/2024-05-19_poster.jpg lineup: + PΞB (Berlin) - industrial rant machine - https://peb-band.tumblr.com/ + VFIB (Berlin) - greatest hits of the unter grund - http://nolink + uranes (Copenhagen) - harsh noise - https://uranes.net + Yzyxatmutz (Copenhagen) - ›flfi‡›7•ª987ºª¶º197191¶°·&)·(°⁄fi››⁄ + Tangle (Copenhagen / berlin) - Frank Colocci (guitar) & Paolo Possidente (drums) - POWERED BY BUSS (Big & Ugly Sound System) MayhemKbh, Ragnhildgade 1, 2100 København Ø doors: 20:30 noise: 21:00 entrance: 70dkk (pay what you can) https://nofigore.com