Uraño is post-noise nerdcore rock with a nostalgic aftertaste. Intense amplified drum grooves and ear-piercing electric bass feed are transformed through homemade computer programs to a hysteria of glitch noises. Bodies as well as instruments pushed to their limits. 1st of September 2018 they released their debut album s/t. The album is avilable as a physical CD through Bandcamp and digital streaming.

“... Uraño is a massive, violent, cleansing experience for the entire body. And while Søren Høi ceaselessly beats the drums, as if it were his very last concert, the weight of the improvised music becomes something completely different than just heavy. In a way, it is almost as if gravity stops while the two musicians deliver a performance that you would not want to miss for anything.” - Dorte Hygum

Hamre is the solo project of norwegian noise artist, jazzmusician and improviser Jonas Hamre. Hamres saxophone is destroyed and thrown out through electronics and amplifiers making distorted dark and cinematic landscapes. Hamre (Natalie Sandtorv, Indre Sunnmøre Støylag, Detblirværre) is always looking for new ways of using and misusing the saxophone and pushing it to its limits.

"... there was a 25-minute set by the talented Hamre Solo who embarked on a short but atmospheric ride through experimental noise drone landscapes conjured up by saxophones, distorted and dark sounds, loops, and strange musical sequences with a cinematic quality to them. I was impressed by the fact that one man was able to pull off something like that in a live setting. Some passages were loud and nasty while others were soothing and hypnotic..." - Eternal terror